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World Mayor
Tony Keats, Mayor of
Dover, Canada

The 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards will be conferred on mayors who have demonstrated that by listening to and working closely with the citizens of their own communities as well as by forming partnerships and friendships with towns and cities at home and across borders, cities can succeed where nations struggle. Mayors shortlisted for the World Mayor Prize have been commended for their humanity, local leadership and their ability to bring people together.

Tony Keats, Mayor of Dover, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, was given the 2023 World Mayor Community Award

Commendations for
Tony Keats
Mayor of Dover, NL, Canada

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Commended by Walter P., Dover
Tony Keats is a hero.

He saved the life of my son Roy and was awarded the ‘St. John Ambulance Society Life Saving Award' which was presented by the Lt. Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador at the Anglican Cathedral in St. John's, NL on Oct 9th, 2016.

The incident occurred in his family setting when Roy choked on food and went unconscious. Tony, his wife Donna, son Cole and his daughter Toni worked in unison and revived Roy. His heart and all vitals had failed ........ The Keats family rescue was highlighted by St. John Ambulance in a campaign to highlight extraordinary heroes who have saved a life or attempted to save a life using first aid.
Above all else, Tont Keats has committed his life to public community service. He is the leader in the health care program for my son Roy Pinsent. Roy is a client of Community Health Services. He is non-verbal and classified as autistic.

Tony and his wife Donna came to Roy's rescue when he outgrew his own nest and needed round the clock care. My wife Lillian (deceased) and I struggled for years which was taxing on our mental health resulting in high stress levels for us.

Roy needed more than we could give. Tony and Donna with his team are involved 24 hours a day. His Samaritan work was life changing for us and gave Lillian peace of mind before she died.

Roy is now 54 years of age. Norma, my present wife of 17 years has been most helpful in dealing with continuing a relationship with Roy and his new family.

Roy Pinsent owes his life to Tony Keats. Tony Keats makes Canada and this World a much nicer place. You can't help but love this man.

Commended by Lucas H., Dover
Hi, I am from Dover NL. The reason why I voting for mayor Keats because he does amazing work within our community he always their for his people in the community he very helping out with events around our community he also very friendly and welcoming person which you couldn't find anyone like him has mayor within our community and also greats friend to my family has well so their for I can only see major Keats be the best person to have has our mayor

Commended by Sheila K.-B., Sandy Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador
Tony Keats, a person who has contributed countless hours of dedicated service to serving the rural community of Dover,NL and fostering community partnerships throughout the central NL region for many decades.  As provincial representative in Municipalities NL Tony committed years working to improve community sustainability throughout the province but especially in rural regions struggling through economic challenges, population decline, labour market shortages, negative birth rates and outmigration.

He never gives up, remains always positive and digs in deeper whenever the road gets tougher to plough through.  A man of character, incredible enthusiasm and drive - he is an example for all.

Good luck Tony.  You are a winner in my mind, always. 

Commended by Norma P., Eastport, Newfoundland & Labrador
I am voting for Tony Keats for world mayor.  He is a man ruled by a true heart grounded by sound common sense.  He is a natural leader,  seeing, hearing, and responding to those around him with ease.  A smart man is our Tony Keats.! 
Tony is the leader of a team who care for our severely handicapped son.  We rely on him implicitly.  
People who enter Tony's orbit feel the same trust.  They know the make of the man, know that he has integrity and grit.

Commended by Rober b., Reidville, Newfoundland & Labrador
It is with great pleasure that I pass on my vote for mayor Keats.

I have served on our Provincial Municipal Association (MNL), he served as our president and I can say with certainty that he was one of the best in terms of leadership and overall fairness to all involved in the association. The many files that we worked on during his tenure became the basis of many advisory outcomes.

Mayor Keats, serves on another local provincial assessment board along with me and others, he is truly a remarkable and good advocate for so many, he’s one of the good ones.

He really and truly deserves this and many other accolades.
Please accept this above statement as my vote for Mayor Keats.

Commended by Brian P. Memorial University
I'd like to cast my support for Mayor Keats in the 2023 World Mayor Project. I am a senior Municipal administrator and have had the privilege to witness Tony's style first hand at conferences and workshops across Newfoundland and Labrador over the past 7 years. Above and beyond any excellence in his community of Dover, Tony is a real collaborator and can effortlessly establish common ground between among groups of people from very different places of every geography and demographic. He serves on committees and boards representing the municipal sector, and in Newfoundland and Labrador we are proud to have him working for us. Tony simply makes friendships happen in the municipal sector and he deserves every recognition possible for his commitment to serve communities and the greater public sector.

Commended by Doreen H., Newfoundland & Labrador
Small town mayor with a big dream. And a wonderful family man. Proud of his community. And aims to succeed. No job is too big or too small. He will tackle them all.

Commended by Didier N., Newfoundland & Labrador
Mayor Keats deserves my vote because of his charismatic character.

Commended by Paula Mc., Gambo, NL, Canada
Mayor Keats is a phenomenal leader who takes pride in his community, his Province and his country.  He is a compassionate man who considers his constituents and helps everyone and anyone. He also engages his community, both young and old,  to participate in activities and to take pride in their community. 

There is no better person who is worthy of the World Mayor Award. Good luck Mayor Keats.

Commended by Nicole P., Dover
Hi there, I would like to cast my vote for Tony Keats, Mayor of Dover, NL, Canada for this wonderful award. Our Coalition oversees the operations of four Family Resource Centers in our region. Tony served on our board of directors for years. He was integral in getting the FRC hub set up in Dover and has remained a champion of our programs and services since our inception in 1999.  Tony believes in rural communities and their potential, and he fights for his residents locally, regionally and provincially.  No other mayor is more deserving. 

Commended by Donielle, Newfoundland and Labrador
Tony Keats is an exceptional leader and Mayor for the town of Dover. He puts the concerns of his community and its residents first and in the foreground, ensuring what's needed to be done gets done. He manages the town with a positive attitude and team mentality. He ensures to stay connected with other communities, near and far. He believes these connections are of importance as it gives an opportunity for collaboration, as well as the chance to offer help and guidance on important issues such as water/waste management as he has dealt with in the past. 

Mayor Keats is more than deserving of this award, it is as if this award was made for him. He is passionate about the people and will do anything for his people. 

Commended by Kay C., Dover
I’m a resident of this town and know Mayor Keats well. He and his lovely wife are neighbours of ours.

This man can be found every day doing his job as Postmaster, talking to his constituents.  This is a small town with a big history and, thanks in a big part to Mayor Keats, a town with a big heart.

There are sports teams that are fiercely supported by the residents, and children’s activities spread out over the entire year. Our Mayor is usually found at the helm of anything to do with children’s events, such as finding painted rocks with themes, holding kids cookie baking contests - literally something for every season.

He has been our Mayor for many, many years and we can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than he does. He absolutely deserves the title of World mayor.  

Commended by Yvonne Jones, Newfoundland and Labrador
"Mayor Keats works tremendously hard on behalf of those he represents, his passion for his community and strong work ethic is admirable and inspiring. He has served his community, and Newfoundland and Labrador for over two decades. His enthusiasm for municipal governance has led to tremendous results for communities." - Yvonne Jones, Member of Parliament for Labrador 

Commend ed by Marilyn F., Dover
My vote is for Tony Keats, mayor of Dover, NL. 
He has been mayor for 27 years. He is loved by all. Tony is very dedicated to Dover and its people.

Tony is very approachable; he truly cares about this town and everyone who lives here. Tony is very involved in community events for both adults and children.
I believe he deserves this honor. Thanks for your time.

Commended by Pauline M.-P., Newfoundland and Labrador
Having once been deputy mayor in a small rural community in newfoundland and Labrador I know first-hand the challenges involved in changing the mindset of people that goes back generations, that along with a fast changing world, rising costs and bigger budget constraints, it takes a dedicated person to fill the duties 
Of mayor in any town, let alone for a couple of decades. Wishing him much success.

Commended by Theresa B., Admiral’s Beach, Newfoundland and Labrador
The Town Council of Admiral's Beach, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada votes for Mayor Tony Keats for World Mayor 2023.

Commended by George T., Norris Point, NL, Canada
As a counsellor, who has 20 years of service behind him, I feel that I am qualified enough to say Mayor Tony Keats should be the man of the hour. I have known Tony for many years and have always found him to be of the highest character with utmost dedication to all that falls his way.

I realize that there are many Mayors on the list who have large volumes of citizens within their realm, however, large city population or small city population the problems are always the same in the end. I do know whatever the problem, Tony will always find a way to a solution that will satisfy all.

Best of luck Mayor Tony Keats. You have my vote!

Commended by Donna G. K., Dover
Mayor Keats gets my vote and here is my reasoning: Mayor Keats goes above and beyond to make sure that not only his community is will represented but those of others. He is a wonderful family man who makes sure to put them first, he holds them dear to his heart.

Mayor Keats can be seen advocating for all communities no matter the size of its population or where they are located. He is honest, thoughtful and very passionate in his abilities.

Mayor Keats started a cooking show on his community’s Facebook page and on his YouTube channel during the Covid19 pandemic to make sure that the kids, parents and many others who were in isolation at that time had opportunities to keep busy and to find new adventures in the kitchen. He also started a municipal issues podcast and it’s still going strong. The podcast which is called “The Chambers” can be heard on Spotify.

In fact to say that Mayor Keats is active in the sector and outside of it is an understatement, from municipal, provincial, federal and international issues regarding our municipalities you will see Mayor Keats involved, from working on clean safe drinking water, wastewater, safe communities, the environment, and good governance, just to name a few. His involvement within his community and that of others is outstanding.

His overall statement is to make sure that municipalities are always at the table when decisions are being made that affect them.

During his volunteer working visit to Bolivia in 2018, he along with the then CEO of MNL started working with (FAM) municipal officials on various topics such as policy advocacy, sources of funding, preparation of different events and services offered to its members and, especially the important work on Local Economic Development, they were so productive and made great contributions to the local FAM associations within Bolivia while they were there and for some time after.

Mayor Keats is not only a leader within his community but within the municipal sector, he works well with others and you must understand that he is one who takes action and truly gets results.

Please take the above statement as my overwhelming support for Mayor Keats, and my Vote to move him forward and hopefully to the top prize, he so deserves the appreciation.

Commended by Clark A. S., NL, Canada
I vote for Tony Keats for he world Mayor award.
I have known him for over 10 years.  He is passionate about his country and his community.
He is worthy of the award and recognition..

Commended by Dover Town Manager & Staff
Mayor Tony is an awesome Mayor he goes above and beyond for our Town, Very respectful and hardworking for our residents

Commended by Sandra B., Flowers Cove, NL, Canada
Our Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors and staff are honored to vote for Mayor Keats.  He has great pride in his community.  He is a very hard worker and dedicated person who deserves to hold title of the World Mayor 2023 award.

Commended by Mandy D., Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove, NL, Canada
On Behalf of the Town of Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove, I would like to commend Mayor Keats on his many years in public service both as a volunteer and as the Mayor of the Town of Dover NL.  Mayor Keats has offered numerous hours serving the residents of the area.  We commend him for his service.

Commended by Michelle W., Dover, NL, Canada
I would like to vote for Mayor Tony Keats . He deserves all the recognition. Tony is a kind person that is very genuine.

Commended by Geoff, S., NL, Canada
I support Mayor Keats in this vote. Dedicated and committed he is worthy of this accolade.

Commended by Craig S., Torbay, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Tony has been a great leader for his town and our entire province. I am Mayor of Torbay NL and have worked with Tony over the past 10 years since I was first elected.

Tony has been a tremendous advocate and role model for people who are new to Municipal Government and those who are seasoned veterans. Not only is he a role model but he is a dedicated family man and friend. I am proud to include myself in a long list of people who consider him a friend.

He would be a perfect choice for this World Mayor award.

Commended by Kenneth F., Dover
I am writing to put in a vote for Tony Keats to hopefully win the title of Top mayor. I have known Tony for quite some time and I follow his community and all its activities on a town Facebook page. I am always so grateful for the many activities he puts together for the young and the old of the community. From his Easter egg hunts around the community, to his cooking videos during covid and there are many more.

He has a manner that is very accepting to the rich or the poor which is a very valuable personality trait to have when you are running a small town. 
Tony’s devotion to his small hometown is one to be admired. Through a lot of hard work, determination and patience he has certainly become the “Pillar of his community”  The town of Dover is very lucky to have him and to be awarded this award would be a wonderful way to show him that his actions over the years has not been unnoticed.

Commended by Linda B., Dover
I think Mayor Keats should be the winner. He is an awesome guy will do anything to help you out and he enjoys doing what he can for his community. Thanks

Commended by Jackie C. H., Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Please accept this email as my vote. Mayors in a small community where everyone knows everyone can be sometimes challenging. Hats off to the mayor of Dover, NL

Commended by Kathy B. Dover
He’s the best, the most sincere, the most connected person I know.  

Commended by Tim C., Dover
To Whom it may Concern. I work with Tony on a board where he offers strong suggestions and contributions to the board's work.  He shows support to his town and the communities around him.  Great Candidate!

Commended by Robert G. R., St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
I would like to support and vote for Tony Keats, The Mayor of Dover, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  Mayor Keats has provided leadership and guidance over the years in his capacity.  He has fostered towns and communities getting together helping each other throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Of course, during the crisis which was 9/11, he was instrumental is aiding the people who were stranded in our province. 

Commended by Gerdel S., Dover
Hi, I would like to cast a vote for Mayor Tony Keats. He is very deserving of this because he does whatever he can for the people in his community. He is open-minded and very supportive.

Commended by Tina S., Dover
Hi, I vote Mayor Keats because he is such a kind, genuine person. He has such a positive attitude and it shows in his community spirit.

Commended by Triffie P., Indian Bay
Mayor Keats shows time and again he’s dedication to municipal government. During the covid pandemic he continued to engage his residents by doing virtual contest, cooking with the mayor episodes and reaching out to those who needed additional support. 
He has given many years of service to his community. He has been an active member of Municipalities NL and other organizations that support municipalities in Newfoundland. He is very deserving of this recognition and award.

Commended by RhondaW., Newfoundland & Labrador
I am honoured to be offered a chance to make commendation on Mayor Keats behalf.

As a resident of a small town for most of my life. And of one that was in steady limbo of dying, I applaud the Town of Dover and their mayor.

Resettlement and lost and dying Newfoundland and Labrador communities and culture is a sad and common thing now.  It is so incredible that a small NL community can come together and inflate a tiny town to international applause. 

Newfoundland and Labrador are a unique culture, multi-faceted, friendly and open and honest and sharing.  Please share our wonderful values by making Mayor Keats World Mayor of 2023.

Proud to be a Newfoundlander and Labradorian….and human. Prayers, peace and positivity to you.

Commended by Corinne C., Newfoundland & Labrador
I am not a resident of this community in Newfoundland & Labrador. I do know that Mr. Keats has great pride in the community and its residents.   Please consider this a vote for Mr. Tony Keats.

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