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World Mayor election 2023World Mayor 2023:
Citizens will decide

Members of the public rather than a panel of ‘experts’ decide which mayors and cities will be honoured by the 2023 World Mayor Project. Since the inception of World Mayor in 2004, millions of people from across the world have taken part in the biennial Project. Citizens suggested, nominated and voted for mayors who, in their opinion, deserved to be honoured. Being nominated for the World Mayor Prize has provided mayors with international recognition, while the interest in the nominations by domestic and international media has benefited their cities.

In 2023, the City Mayors Foundation will award the World Mayor Friendship Prize and Awards to mayors and cities that have made outstanding contributions to friendship, partnerhip and cooperation between municipalities at home and across borders.

At a time of strife, conflict and war between nations, cities, when joining forces, can become peacemakers. The 2023 World Mayor Project will feature and honour mayors who promote peace and prosperity through friendship between cities.

By awarding the Friendship Prize, the 2023 World Mayor Project also aims to encourage acts of generosity and kindness towards less fortunate towns and cities, including towards those affected by conflicts and natural disasters. The 2023 Project will also honour mayors from wealthy cities who have shared resources and expertise with poorer and left-behind communities in their own countries or abroad.

Nominating your candidate
Nominations for the 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards should be accompanied by persuasive testimonials, describing the nominated mayors' and their cities' dedication to friendship, partnership and cooperation between towns and cities. We invite nominations of mayors from municipalities of all sizes and from all parts of the world. The strength of argument is more important than the number of nominations to allow mayors from smaller towns and even villages to compete on equal terms with those from large metropolises.

Nominations for 2023 World Mayor Prize can be submitted until 15 May 2023. A final longlist will be published by early June. The World Mayor shortlist for 2023 will be released in early July 2023.

Please nominate your candidate for
the World Mayor Prize and Awards

World Mayor 2023
Nomination Form

Please insert the name of your nominated mayor, his/her town or city as well as country. Please also provide the date your nominee became mayor.

Please ensure that the mayor's first name and surname are spelled correctly. Please use the Western (Roman) alphabet.

Your comments must be legal, informed and fair. Multiple and manipulated nominations as well as abusive comments will be deleted.

I/we would like to nominate
the below mayor and city for
the 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards:

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Mayor since:

Statement supporting the nomination of your chosen mayor.
Please describe how your chosen mayor supports co-operation, partnership and friendship between cities, whether at home or abroad. The co-operation may be city to city or be part of national / international municipal organisations.

(While we prefer comments to be in English, we accept them in other languages but please use Roman characters (Latin alphabet) otherwise your message might become distorted.)

Statement supporting the nomination
of the municipality of your chosen mayor.

Please describe how the town / city of your chosen mayor has a history of working together with other municipalities, at home or abroad. If possible, provide examples and describe areas of co-operation. Also, if possible, name any partner cities and/or membership(s) of any national or international municipal organisations.
(While we prefer comments to be in English, we accept them in other languages but please use Roman characters (Latin alphabet) otherwise your message might become distorted.)

Your name
Please provide your name
It can be your full name, first name, initials or a nickname. (Impersonating someone else is unacceptable)

If you nominate a mayor on behalf of an organisation, please provide its name

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For your information:
The World Mayor Project, organised by the philanthropic City Mayors Foundation since 2004, has no connection with any city or organisation and is run on strictly non-commercial lines. Sponsorships, advertising, subscriptions, donations or any other kind of revenue are NOT sought and will be rejected, if offered.

All personal information you provide us with will be treated in strict confidence. Your email addresses will NOT be passed on to any third parties. Also, we do NOT collect data by cookies or other hidden means.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. Please insert 'World Mayor 2023' in the subject line of any email.

Thank you for participating in the 2023 World Mayor Project.

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The City Mayors Foundation
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Tel: +44 20 8439 7978
The World Mayor Project was conceived in 2004 to raise the profile of mayors worldwide and honour those who contributed exceptionally to urban affairs. The Honours are awarded to mayors who have worked for the benefit of all citizens, irrespective of race, gender, religion, politics or legal status. The World Mayor Prize also recognises its recipients’ constructive engagement in social affairs, the environment, cross-border cooperation and peace efforts.

Winners of the World Mayor Prize since 2004: Edi Rama, Tirana (2004); Dora Bakoyannis, Athens (2005); John So, Melbourne (2006); Helen Zille, Cape Town (2008); Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico City (2010); Iñaki Azkuna, Bilbao (2012); Naheed Nenshi, Calgary (2014); Bart Somers, Mechelen (2016); Valeria Mancinelli, Ancona (2018); Ahmed Aboutaleb, Rotterdam (2021); Philippe Rio, Grigny (2021).