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World Mayor
Marvin Rees, Mayor of
Bristol, UK

The 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards will be conferred on mayors who have demonstrated that by listening to and working closely with the citizens of their own communities as well as by forming partnerships and friendships with towns and cities at home and across borders, cities can succeed where nations struggle. Mayors shortlisted for the World Mayor Prize have been commended for their humanity, local leadership and their ability to bring people together.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, UK, was a finalist for the 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards

Commendations for
Marvin Rees
Mayor of Bristol, UK

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Criticism of Mayor Rees below

Commended by Jeremy S., Bristol
I have closely observed Marvin’s courage and strength as a city leader and highly commend him for this honour. Bristol is a city of activism and division and whilst any leader will earn their opponents Marvin has continued to lead with values of inclusion, compassion and integrity to create a city of hope for all.  

The mayor’s commitment to a one city approach - bringing together leaders from across the full spectrum of the city to work on leadership as a corporate activity (relationships of trust that proved vital during Covid) and his handling of the city arena issue which required leadership of wisdom over populism are great examples of his inclusivity and courage to lead.

Further, Mayor Rees understood the importance of cities as a brand and has invested in growing Bristol as a national and international city to work in partnerhsip, share ideas on best governance and attract investment and open up new opportunities to see the city flourish.

Commended by Ed R., Bristol
I would like to vote for Marvin Rees as World Mayor 2023.

This is because Marvin has put Bristol on the world stage for leading on issues of inclusion and the need for a just transition to Net Zero. He combines lived experience and integrity with a strategic focus which can help address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Commended by Andrea A., Bristol
I would like to propose our Bristol mayor (UK) as he has been outstanding in getting things done here. He has a wisdom and integrity in the way  he works and a compassion coming from his own upbringing that means he has worked tirelessly for justice in our city. He has also influenced mayors across the globe.

Commended by Bex M., Bristol
I’d like to cast my vote for Marvin Rees as World Mayor 2023. He’s an exceptional human being and leader and his track record speaks volumes about his selfless heart, his diligence, strength of character, vision, resilience, perseverance, fairness, passion for justice, equality, inclusivity.  Please add my vote to the many others.

Commended by Joanne Anderson, former Mayor of Liverpool
I wholeheartedly endorse Marvin Rees, the Mayor of Bristol, for the esteemed title of World Mayor, as he truly embodies the essence of this year's theme, 'Friendship between Cities.' Mayor Rees has garnered praise from individuals within Bristol and around the world, highlighting his unwavering commitment to fostering cooperation, forging partnerships, and establishing strong ties between cities, both domestically and internationally.
During my term as Mayor of Liverpool from 2021 to 2023, I had the pleasure of experiencing Mayor Rees's unwavering support. Having an ally who actively backs you can significantly impact one's ability to navigate the challenges and responsibilities of public office. As Chair of core cities, he successfully fostered collaborative efforts among city leaders, resulting in positive outcomes for both cities and their communities. I can personally attest to his dedication to cultivating a robust working relationship between our respective cities.
Moreover, I am immensely proud of Mayor Rees's historic role as Europe's first directly elected City Mayor of Black African-Caribbean descent, which serves as a powerful inspiration for people of the global majority.
Under Mayor Rees's adept leadership, Bristol has initiated and nurtured several international partnerships, providing valuable platforms for resource-sharing and idea exchange with cities across the globe. This has led to the successful implementation of sustainable and innovative practices, making Bristol an exemplary environmental role model.
Mayor Rees has been fervently devoted to promoting cultural exchanges, fostering mutual understanding, and cultivating friendships among the citizens of Bristol and its sister cities. His commitment to collaboration and friendship between cities has enhanced the quality of life for Bristol's residents and exemplified the significance of global friendships and cooperation.
Displaying admirable integrity, courage, and inclusivity, Mayor Rees perfectly aligns with the values the World Mayor Project upholds. His initiatives have brought about positive transformations, empowering individuals from all walks of life within his city and beyond.
Mayor Rees has demonstrated remarkable progress in addressing inequality and injustice in Bristol. His dedication to racial and social justice, climate action, and housing initiatives has been commendable, making Bristol a more inclusive and equitable city.
In conclusion, Mayor Marvin Rees has earned widespread recognition for his humanity, local leadership, and ability to unite people within Bristol and on the global stage. His efforts to promote collaboration and friendship between cities perfectly resonate with the ethos of the World Mayor Prize. As with any public figure, there will be both supporters and critics, and the ultimate decision to award him the 2023 World Mayor Prize lies with the esteemed organization overseeing the competition.

Commended by Nathan and Karl G., New Hampshire, USA
I am writing to you today to express my strong support for Mayor Marvin Rees of Bristol, England, who I believe is an ideal candidate for the 2023 World Mayor Prize. As per the ethos of this year's theme - 'Friendship between Cities', Mayor Rees’s efforts resonate deeply with fostering cooperation, building partnerships, and creating ties between cities domestically and internationally. Marvin strives to create a new perspective regarding politics. One of inclusive trust. Everyone has a voice. Empowerment of the least as well as the greatest in his own city and beyond. That takes change. Not everyone is comfortable with change. Marvin’s inroads have come at high cost but he has made an extraordinary difference. 

Mayor Rees has consistently demonstrated his commitment to collaboration and friendship among cities. Under his leadership, Bristol has initiated and nurtured multiple international partnerships with cities across the globe, creating mutual platforms for sharing resources and exchanging ideas.

He has been instrumental in the successful implementation of sustainable and innovative practices learned from these partnerships, making Bristol an environmental role model. Moreover, he has promoted cultural exchanges to foster mutual understanding and friendships among citizens of Bristol and its sister cities.

Mayor Rees’s tenure has been marked by integrity, courage, and imagination and inclusion, which is perfectly in line with the values espoused by the World Mayor Project. His initiatives to connect with other cities have not only enhanced the quality of life for Bristol's residents but have also cultivated an environment where citizens understand the importance of global friendships and cooperation.

I believe Mayor Marvin Rees truly embodies the spirit of this year's theme and is very deserving of the 2023 World Mayor Prize. I am confident that awarding him the prize will inspire more mayors around the world to strive towards fostering friendship and cooperation between their cities and others. Thank you for your consideration.

Commended by Ruth P., Bristol
I'm nominating Marvin Rees for World Mayor. He has been an outstanding asset to Bristol and the UK. He led the city through the difficult period of the pandemic. Never has the city been so mobilised by the collaboration of all the key sector agencies including the voluntary sector. The programme led and engineered by Marvin and his trusted team saved many lives in Bristol.

Despite a climate of challenging financial constraints Marvin has brought in large revenues to regenerate Bristol. He has also enabled a comprehensive housing programme that is effectively managing Bristol's growing population, the increasing number of people attracted to come and live in Bristol, and also has addressed and reduced homelessness.

Marvin is passionate about the city being an equitable city that is driven by social justice, that enables everyone to thrive and that eliminates inequality and discrimination. He has been building Bristol as a City of Hope that embraces people seeking asylum; and a city that tackles and reduces many forms of poverty. His values have been part of his DNA long before he was Mayor and is embedded in strategy, policy, implementation, and action; it demonstrates his personal commitment to the people of Bristol.

Commended by E.P., Bristol
Marvin has brought so much hope and aspiration to the people to Bristol and its surrounding areas. Especially to the youths. His tenure in office has been one of regeneration, growth and inspiration. There are so many initiatives he has endorsed and has nurtured to fruition. One such is the Stepping Up Leadership Programme. This has given a lot of professionals who fall under protected characteristics the tools and networking platforms to further their careers and Step Up to positions of Leadership and Power. 

I am very delighted to cast my vote for Marvin Rees as World Mayor.

Commended by Nic Harris, Chaplain for Housing, Bristol
I would like to cast my vote as Marvin Rees for World Mayor due to the outstanding work I have seen him carry out during his mayorship of Bristol.
As someone who has been working in the area of housing and also the church over the past 5 years, I have seen how Marvin has been pioneering in seeking innovative ways and partnerships to make more affordable housing available, all driven by his compassion for those without, as well as his understanding of how key a safe and stable home is for someone’s life chances. Marvin was asked to be a commissioner for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission into Housing, Church and Community due to this passion and his role in this Commission has contributed towards the Church of England’s strategy to use its assets for the housing crisis including other church housing projects in Bristol that will provide more affordable housing for Bristol which again is desperately needed. 
Marvin has also challenged the churches in Bristol to be more outward looking and serving their communities during his mayorship, which has led to an increase in connections and partnerships between the churches and the council, demonstrated in the Ukrainian Welcome Hub scheme that was set up in a matter of weeks to provide welcome spaces for those coming to Bristol from Ukraine. The partnership network that was utilised to enable these hubs to be put in place so quickly was there due to Marvin’s challenge and openness to volunteers in the churches in Bristol. Many of these Welcome Hubs are now being opened up to refugees and asylum seekers from other nations.
I highly recommend Marvin for World Mayor, knowing he has been an inspirational and courageous leader (and therefore contentious!) to many people, including myself.

Commended by Rebeca L., London
Mayor Rees has been an amazing partner to work with. He has been a champion in his city-to-city global initiatives, just transition, and racial equality and justice programs.

Mayor Rees's efforts in advocating for global racial justice and equality have been nothing short of exceptional. His unwavering commitment to these crucial issues has resonated with people from all walks of life, and his leadership has inspired positive change in our society. He understands the urgent need to address environmental, climate change challenges and has taken significant steps towards creating a sustainable and resilient future for Bristol and beyond. Mayor Rees has been at the forefront of fostering global city-to-city collaborations. By strengthening international partnerships, he has demonstrated a keen understanding of the interconnectedness of our world and the importance of solidarity in tackling global issues. His unwavering dedication to these critical issues has had a transformative impact on his community and serves as an inspiration for leaders worldwide.
One of Mayor Rees's key initiatives involves mentorship and leading efforts related to The Transatlantic Slave Trade. Through these endeavors, he has been working tirelessly to raise awareness, promote understanding, and ensure that the lessons from history are not forgotten but instead serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Commended by Nicola L., Bristol
Marvin’s whole hearted desire to improve our city, raise living standards and create a truly inclusive society make him a stand out candidate for World Mayor. He took centre stage on race issues during the George Floyd riots. He’s brought cities and mayors together on subjects like housing and climate change. I’m constantly impressed by his ability to see the next best course of action in a world tied together in a web of bureaucracy. He uses the collective power of Mayors and cities to bring weight to important policies and lobbying issues. He is approachable, collaborative and keen to learn from others. This would be a great recognition of Marvin’s contribution and provide him with another platform to drive further and broader collaboration and action from. He’s never one to miss an opportunity for more progressive ideas. 

Commended by Elisabeth C., Bristol
This is a vote for Marvin! He does work across communities, he is principled, he has priorities, and he is resilient and persevering. 

Commended by Eilanne J., Bristol
I vote for Marvin Rees. He has made considerable changes in the city including improving the housing situation.  He stands up for normal-everyday people, continually striving for improvement and justice.  Not only for the fact that he is extremely personable and eloquent, being a man of colour and from a working-class background the people of the City can absolutely relate to him. He is dedicated, driven, passionate and trustworthy.

Commended by A.S., Bristol
Mayor Rees has been a strong leader in a city that was in dire need of leadership. He has served the city with clarity and focus, unwavering in holding onto the needs of the city as priorities and has made numerous challenging decisions with the best outcome for the city at heart.

Strong, decisive leaders face much opposition and I have been consistently impressed by Mayor Rees’s measured, clear, robust response to criticism and challenge whilst also holding onto being decisive and clear in his direction and priorities. He has got things done that needed to be done in challenging times and in a wonderful but challenging city. He absolutely has my vote.

Commended by Rachel M., Bristol
Please accept this email as my nomination for Marvin Rees for 2023 World Mayor. He was worked in a cross-sector manner across the city to address some of Bristol's biggest challenges. The One City approach has been a useful and powerful approach.

Commended by Maria K., Bristol
I would like to vote for Marvin Rees, whose commitment to the large population of Bristol – nearly half a million people - is unparalleled.
He has focussed on addressing the considerable inequalities and historical injustices in this city, and has developed partnerships and associations which have put Bristol on a world-wide stage.
His handling of the toppling of the Colston statue is but one example of his measured but courageous approach to leadership, and I have seen his personal care and delivery of agendas which will make life better in Bristol for those who are disadvantaged, suffer prejudice and live in communities of deprivation. Marvin would be a worthy winner.

Commended by Joanna S., Bristol
Dear World Mayor team:
I write to support Marvin as the most amazing Mayor - he has represented our city globally building relationships with other mayors around the world; he hosted the Global Parliament of Mayors, supported the bid for the UN Habitat climate smart cities and we were one of four cities that won, introduced the One City Plan which is transforming our city, makes the time to connect with real people and invites anyone in to come share solutions for their local challenges.

He works so hard to empower people locally with the resources he has available to him. I believe he has raised the profile of our small city across the nations. He works hard and is well respected. There is so much more I can say, with no guidelines on what to write I will stop here. 

We would love him to win this award to honour him for all he has done. 

Commended by Paul H., Bristol
Marvin has shown exceptional leadership of my city.

Initiatives such as the “One City” have played a vital role in bringing together private public and community sector spaces for the greater good of the city. Laser focus on inclusivity and equity has been a hallmark of Marvins tenure alongside his ability to step outside of conventional political divides to build bridges with government ministers and nearby local leaders to ensure all sections of the city from aspiring entrepreneurs to those on the very margins of the city can thrive.

Commended by Tangy M., London
I support Mayor Rees for Mayor if the World. Good luck.

Commended by Z. M., Bristol
I’m voting for Mayor Marvin Rees. 

Commended by Liz C., West Midlands
Please record my vote in support of Marvin Rees as World Mayor. He is a leading campaigner in the UK and internationally for racial justice and climate justice, and as Europe's first directly elected City Mayor of Black African-Caribbean descent he is a role model for young people.

Commended by Adam G., Bristol
During his time in office Marvin Rees has proven to be one of the most inspiring mayors in British history. He is an exceptional candidate for World Mayor.

Commended by John D., Bristol
Marvin Rees has, and continues to serve the City of Bristol with integrity. He has used his time in office to be inclusive, thoughtful, welcoming, responsible and has developed a culture of ‘can do’ - no easy thing in a world of administration. Marvin has developed strategies around levelling up, sustainability and cooperation, both within his region and beyond.

I have followed Marvin’s story and I know that he came from a tough background. He could have made very different life choices, but he chose to serve and to fight for those unable to fight for themselves.

I fully support Marvin’s nomination and I wish him every success. To end, I can give no higher praise other than to say that when I speak to my own children about role models and what to strive for as they journey into adulthood, I point to Marvin as an example of what they should strive to be like.

Commended by P. O., Bristol
He's a phenomenal leader and advocate for good in the world.

Commended by Andy S., Bristol
I would like to cast my vote for Mayor Marvin Rees as World Mayor 2023

Commended by Chris B., Bristol
I’ve known Marvin through his engagement with faith communities and church leaders in the city. 

We’ve never previously been invited to city events and coordination projects working across the different sectors. This has been a privilege and has had a significant impact through enabling the work that happens within churches to benefit the city on a bigger scale.

I’ve also seen the quality of Marvin’s character and how he has at times made political decisions that are costly to him personally and have not furthered his own ambition but have been best for the city and others. 

The city functions very differently now. It is much more mature and developed in the way that people work together across the different sectors. 

Commended by James B., London
Marvin Rees has been an inspirational leader for the city of Bristol. His passion to make the city of his birth better and an exemplar of sustainability, climate action, equality and good governance is commendable. It also stands as a testament of his hard work and dedication to making his city a player in ten world when it comes to tackling the big issues of our age the climate crisis, racial and social justice. 

Marvin is one of only a handful of black political leaders in the UK running a major city or local authority therefore he stands out as an exception but also as a role model for many who may think politics may not be for them. He has certainly inspired me and others I know to seek political office not for personal advancement but the advancement of our communities, in the widest sense involving everyone and for everyone irrespective of who you are, where you or your family hail from but as one community and one city. 

He has tirelessly worked to make his city a beacon for prosperity and Bristol with it's long history and culture has benefited from Marvin's leadership which is why he was elected for a second term by the city and why businesses and the university in the city can flourish attracting more customers and students to grow Bristol's economy providing the jobs and skills Bristol and its population need to flourish. Marvin has also handled adversity well during the Black Lives Matter protests he sought reconciliation and understanding among his city's population and when the people of Bristol voted to abolish the position of an elected Mayor, Marvin took the decision with good grace and has continued to work in the best interests of the people and fullfil his election mandate. This is commendable of a good leader and a good mayor. 

I therefore support Marvin as not just a good UK mayor but World Mayor. 

Commended by Marti B., Bristol
Marvin has been a great mayor.  He had worked tirelessly to ensure the marginalised and disadvantaged have access to him and seats at the table.  He has transformed Bristol where for too long people from certain communities have felt that it is a city run by others and not them.  He has done it by being intentional and providing inspirational leadership.  He deserves this award.

Commended by T. J., Bristol
I believe Marvin is one of only two Mayors across Europe that is not white. He continues to champion equity and justice for all, using his lived experience to inform collaborative and inclusive approaches to change, that amplify the voices of those who are seldom heard. Bristol has become a globally recognised city under Marvin’s leadership. He has created and led a successful and diverse team, including partnering with an inspiring Deputy Mayor - Asher Craig, who is a talented black woman with gravitas and vision. This unique partnership has achieved the following in the last year:

• Secured £95 million from the government for a major regeneration project around Temple Meads train station,
• Built/building hundreds of new homes across Bristol, 
• Investment in improving parks and installing new district heat networks
• Built 3 children’s homes with more in the pipeline
• We’ve opened Addison Apartments — five, affordable homes designed to meet the housing and support needs of young people with complex physical and learning disabilities.
• Increased apprenticeships & WEX opportunities for YP within the council and city partners 

These remarkable achievements have happened despite challenging economic times. Marvin’s determination and ability to inspire and lead with conviction has been against a backdrop of consistent racist abuse and put-downs on social media, as well as very real threats to his family. As a black man in public office, these forms of abuse are unfortunately not unusual, however this does make one’s job even harder. Wading through racism is burdensome and can take a toll on one’s wellbeing. I’m sure Marvin has had his moments, yet Marvin has not allowed himself to be distracted by this. The people of Bristol have benefitted from this values-led, purposeful leader, who is not the usual suspect, and does not come from a privileged background; but who continues to have a positive impact on the lives of so many, bringing much needed hope for a better future.

It would bring much joy for Marvin’s work to be acknowledged with the prestigious World Mayor Prize. A prize that will be widely felt by many people of colour the world over - who achieve every day despite strong opposition. 

Commended by Dominique C., Switzerland
Marvin has declared Bristol a City of Hope, built on ambition, inclusion and social justice.

Commended by Glasyn G, Bristol
I would like to vote for Marvin Rees. Marvin is Mayor on merit.  He is a fine example to people all over the world  that determination, hard work and self-belief are fundamental values in a democracy. He  has been absolutely  brilliant  winning a second Term and has delivered  for the people of Bristol

Commended by Annie C., Somerset
Marvin Rees is intelligent, motivated and very capable. He uses his passion to create opportunities and equality for all members of the city, with a particular focus on groups who have suffered inequality.  Part of his vision is to connect Bristol with other cities across the nation and world. He understands how much this benefits the city he represents, by creating connections and opportunities. Marvin Rees has achieved a huge amount for the city during his appointment and is a man of great integrity. I am delighted to cast my vote for him.

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Criticism of Mayor Marvin Rees

Critical comment by Stuart F., Bristol
I simply wanted to write to you to suggest that Marvin Rees be dropped from this competition. It mentions in the write up for him that “He promoted equality and inclusion.”

This cannot be further from the truth for parents of children with special educational needs. The Local Authority (LA) that oversees assisting children access education in a way that works for them absolutely failed our family. They were nowhere to be see when we needed them, only popping up once we'd phoned round and visited all the schools to find out which ones were suitable (surely the LA should have known this?) and they did not follow-up on schools failing to reply to our requests for our boy to go to those schools (this is a legal requirement within 15 days in England).

The school our boy was at was openly struggling to cope with him before he was able to move to a more suitable setting. They approached the LA for help, they received no reply. We reached out for help, we got no reply. Fortunately for us by this time we'd found a suitable school for our boy and even more fortunately they agreed to take him earlier than planned despite him not strictly being old enough for the setting. We arranged this, parents and teachers, the LA was nowhere.

I wrote to my councillor, Marvin's Deputy Craig Cheney. I didn't get a response for almost a year while all this was going on save for an automated reply. He claimed he never got that email.

Further than this he had no answers to my questions. This seems to apply to much of the mayor’s administration. When they are put under any kind of scrutiny, which as good elected Mayors they should relish, they are evasive.

I hope you will consider my opinion and weigh it against any positive feedback you've had about Marvin. I was a member of the same political party as Marvin. I'm not anymore, which is solely down to Bristol City Council's handling of education for children with special educational needs. I feel we're not the only ones that have been let down.

Critical comment by Aliaa P., Bristol
I am a resident in Bristol and was aghast at hearing that our Mayor Marvin Rees has been shortlisted. How can he be awarded a best mayor, when the City, in Referendum voted against him and for scrapping the mayoral role totally? This happened because the citizen of Bristol had enough of the mayor. 

Most of the housing he promised to build for the poor resulted in unaffordable accommodation, his outreach to a variety is very selective.

Public transport has become non-existent, he's defacing the central beautiful areas by building non-affordable, high-rise luxurious flats without compelling developers to leave a big portion for social housing, every street has potholes and not a single proper cycle lane has been put in place. He introduced e-scooters without forcing the supplier to build designated parking places for them, resulting in all pavements littered with them, no ace for pedestrians, let alone disabled people. A lot of young people are ending in A&E.

Critical comment by Phil W., Bristol
I read with interest about the forthcoming contest for World Mayor 2023.  The criteria outlined on your organisation’s website are indeed laudable.  However, even if a candidate were to have meritoriously fulfilled the aims set out, would their candidacy be affected in any way if for example the individual had presided over several complete financial disasters involving the unnecessary waste of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money? Or, again talking hypothetically, what if the residents of a World Mayor candidate city had recently voted in a democratic referendum to abolish the position of mayor altogether - presumably for reasons of dissatisfaction with the post-holder?

Critical comment by Gavin D., Bristol
I was very surprised to see that Marvin Rees has made it to a shortlist for any sort of mayoral accomplishment, let alone World Mayor! He has performed so poorly, that in a referendum in May 2022 the people of Bristol opted to remove the position entirely rather than continue to even have a mayor! As such he is currently in position with no mandate from the people.

I also take umbrage at the idea that he promotes equality and inclusion. He is a deeply divisive figure, and is known for inappropriate treatment of other councillors and the press 

Failures under his stewardship include: The £50million losses incurred via Bristol Energy; The 132million Bristol Beacon vanity project; The Bristol underground 

His inclusion on this list tarnishes both this competition, and the other shortlist entrants, who I am sure are far more suitable candidates.

Critical comment by Peter H., Bristol
The post of mayor in the City of Bristol UK has been abolished by popular vote within the city largely because of Mayor Rees’s poor performance.

To give but one example, Bristol City Councillors, with popular support, gained finance for a large arena for theatrical and musical events. A site was prepared (costing many millions of £) close to the centre of the city with excellent public transport links and constructors were found to construct the arena. Mayor Rees, after a visit to Malaysia, which I believe was funded by a Malaysian company, scrapped the planned arena and chose a Malaysian company to construct an arena at an alternative out-of-city site with poor public transport links. The mayoral scheme was unanimously voted down by all Bristol City Councillors, but the mayoral system then in place allowed for Rees' abysmal choice.

Rees mayoral tenure has been very unpopular within the city; hence the abolition of the post. It would be a travesty of justice if Rees were to gain any mayoral prize.

Critical comment by K. K., Bristol
I would like to strongly oppose the nomination for Marvin Rees. Since he took on this position our city has been in serious decline.

Transport in the city is non-existent and getting worse. Traffic is now worse than in London. There is no or very limited and expensive public transport. He has been promising to resolve this for years and apart from his vanity project (metro bus) there has been continues decline in accessing any form of public transport. I live 2 miles from the city centre and it costs me and my family more to go to town by bus than by car! Due to serious difficulties with public transport including overcrowding, lateness or lack of connections my husband had to take my daughter to school every day last year, otherwise she would have been late every day. This is supposed to be a green city…..

Roads are in a terrible state, potholes everywhere. Mr Rees is now starting other vanity projects around closing roads in some parts of Bristol (scheme which has already failed in every city it was ever introduced, most recently in Oxford).

The city is dirty and not looked after. I have lived here for over 30 years and the past few years Bristol has been in continues decline.

I could add other issues related to housing and education or the dysfunctional way most services operate.  Most officers are not available to the general public and any comments made on line are not responded to. This is all happening under his watch.

Unfortunately, I cannot find one positive thing to say about Mr Rees or Bristol at the moment. I love this city but unfortunately the mayor has been destroying everything that is good about this place.

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