World Mayor 2023
The World Mayor Prize for
Friendship between Cities

In 2023, the City Mayors Foundation will award the World Mayor Friendship Prize to a mayor and city that have made outstanding contributions to friendship, partnership and cooperation between towns and cities at home and across borders.

Cities acting on their own can be beacons of excellence. But when cities work together, learn from each other, share resources, exchange ideas and, above all, encourage their citizens to meet and form friendships, they can truly become a force for good.

At a time of strife, conflict and war between nations, cities, when joining forces, can become peacemakers. The 2023 World Mayor Project will feature mayors who promote peace and prosperity through friendship between cities. By awarding the Friendship Prize, the 2023 World Mayor Project also aims to encourage acts of generosity and kindness towards less fortunate towns and cities, including towards those affected by conflicts and natural disasters. IN GREATER DETAIL


World Mayor 2023:
Citizens will decide

Citizens rather than a panel of ‘experts’ decide which mayors and cities will be honoured by the 2023 World Mayor Project. Since the inception of World Mayor in 2004, millions of people from across the world have taken part in the biennial Project. Citizens suggested, nominated and voted for mayors who, in their opinion, deserved to be honoured. Being nominated for the World Mayor Prize has provided mayors with international recognition, while the interest in the nominations by domestic and international media has benefited their cities. We invite you to take part in World Mayor 2023. ELECTION FORM


Some 77 mayors
from 38 countries

The second edition of the 2023 World Mayor longlist includes mayors who, together with their communities, understand that towns and cities working together can be forces for progress, prosperity and peace. The longlist lists 77 mayors from 38 countries. Further editions of the open longlist will feature additional names and be published in the coming weeks. Nominations are welcomed until the middle of May. Please use the election form to nominate mayors as well as to vote for and comment on any of the mayors and cities on the longlist. You may also email us with any questions and/or suggestions. IN GREATER DETAIL


The World Mayor Project since 2004

The City Mayors Foundation has awarded The World Mayor Prize and Awards since 2004. Every two years, the World Mayor Project features some of the world’s most outstanding mayors, mayors who have served their fellow citizens with integrity, courage and imagination. Since 2016, the World Mayor Project has addressed some of the big issues of our time: The refugee crisis (2016); The underrepresentation of women in local government (2018); Cities during Covid (2021) and, in 2023, friendship and cooperation between cities. IN GREATER DETAIL

Winners of the World Mayor Prize

Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Winner of the 2021 WORLD MAYOR PRIZE Valeria Mancinelli, Mayor of Ancona, Italy. Winner of the 2018 WORLD MAYOR PRIZE Bart Somers, Mayor of Mechelen, Belgium. Winner of the 2016 WORLD MAYOR PRIZE
Iñaki Azkuna, Mayor of Bilbao, Spain. Winner of the 2012 WORLD MAYOR PRIZE Marcelo Ebrard, Mayor of Mexico City, Mexico. Winner of the 2010 WORLD MAYOR PRIZE Helen Zille, Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa. Winner of the 2008 WORLD MAYOR PRIZE


Code of Ethics for city leaders
The City Mayors Foundation and the World Mayor Project were established in 2004 to promote, encourage and facilitate good local government. To strengthen local government further, a Code of Ethics for city leaders, who wish to perform their duties beyond all reproach, has been established. IN GREATER DETAIL


World Mayor Prize sculpture
shows courage and conviction

City Mayors commissioned French artist Manuel Ferrari to design a sculpture that was as unique as the city of the winning mayor. City Mayors' founding fellow, Tann vom Hove, said: “We asked Manuel Ferrari to produce a design that shows what an inspirational mayor can achieve if they build on strong foundations.” The World Mayor Prize has been sculpted by Berlin-based scalptor Kaspar Swankey since 2004. IN GREATER DETAIL

The City Mayors Foundation
London SW1
Tel: +44 20 8439 7978
The World Mayor Project was conceived in 2004 to raise the profile of mayors worldwide and honour those who contributed exceptionally to urban affairs. The Honours are awarded to mayors who have worked for the benefit of all citizens, irrespective of race, gender, religion, politics or legal status. The World Mayor Prize also recognises its recipients’ engangement in social affairs, the environment, cross-border cooperation and peace efforts. IN GREATER DETAIL

Winners of the World Mayor Prize since 2004: Edi Rama, Tirana (2004); Dora Bakoyannis, Athens (2005); John So, Melbourne (2006); Helen Zille, Cape Town (2008); Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico City (2010); Iñaki Azkuna, Bilbao (2012); Naheed Nenshi, Calgary (2014); Bart Somers, Mechelen (2016); Valeria Mancinelli, Ancona (2018); Ahmed Aboutaleb, Rotterdam (2021); Philippe Rio, Grigny (2021). IN GREATER DETAIL