The 2023 World Mayor Friendship Award given to
Stefan Fassbinder
Mayor of Greifswald, Germany
Stefan Fassbinder, Mayor of Greifswald, Germany
Stefan Fassbinder, Mayor of Greifswald, Germany, has been given the 2023 World Mayor Friendship Award for his and the City of Greifswald's cooperation with and support of communities in Ukraine, Poland and Brazil. The Mayor, together with many of his fellow citizens, has also provided generous assistance to refugees arriving from war-torn Ukraine

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Commendation: “I would like to express my great support for Mayor Stefan Fassbinder. He is extremely open to the ideas and initiatives of citizens. I very much appreciate his intensive cooperation with partner cities: be they Goleniow (Poland)or Drohobych (Ukraine), especially his initiatives during the COVID pandemic and the war between Ukraine and Russia. Besides, he has created conditions in our city in which you want to live and to which you want to return: we have great playgrounds for kids, our city is green, colourful and adapted to the needs of the elderly - there is a place for everyone here. I love the fact that he supports multilingualism: in the office for citizens when dealing with official matters we can communicate not only in English but also in Polish.”

Commendation: “On behalf of the community of Drohobych City (Ukraine), I would like to take this opportunity to express my support for Dr Stefan Fassbinder, the Mayor of Greifswald (Germany), who has been nominated for the World Mayor Prize 2023.

A couple of words about our partnership. The first contact between the cities of Greifswald and Drohobych took place in 2017, and a partnership agreement was signed in 2019. Relations between the cities are developing rapidly thanks to the personal involvement and attention of the Mayor of Greifswald.

At most stages, Stefan Fassbinder is the initiator and the one who supports and stimulates cooperation. Regular personal communication between the mayors of the two cities ensures that the cooperation is active and is developing in the right direction. Stefan Fassbinder personally participates in all activities between the cities and also joins the actions to support Drohobych initiated by residents during the war in Ukraine. Stefan Fassbinder regularly initiates discussions at meetings of responsible persons about the possibilities of cooperation and support for Drohobych.”

Commendation: “I am an agricultural engineer at the city hall of Pomerode, Brazil:
Mayor Fassbinder is a big proponent of action to mitigate climate impacts, which shows his concern for global impacts through local action. Not just local action, but action in collaboration with our municipality of Pomerode, in southern Brazil. The encouragement received through sustainable mobility projects has been very important in changing the perception of how we can help the environment. We thank Mayor Fassbinder for this encouragement.” FULL LIST OF COMMENDATIONS

Essay by Stefan Fassbinder
Full essay (English); Der Aufsatz (Deutsch)

Quotes from Mayor Fassbinder’s essay: Through city-to-city relationships, peace can be promoted. Cultural exchange and dialogue help break down misunderstandings and promote peaceful coexistence. In difficult times, municipalities can often still engage in dialogue when others resort to violence. Greifswald embraces this opportunity and responsibility of cities.

Cities play a crucial role in environmental and climate protection. Often, cities are the main contributors to environmental issues or CO2 emissions, but they are also places where innovative solutions for climate change can be developed and implemented. Through the exchange of eco-friendly practices, cities can collectively contribute to mitigating climate change, promoting environmentally friendly measures, and addressing global environmental issues.

As a new goal, I have set the establishment of a development partnership with a city in the Global South. Greifswald is ready to take on more global responsibility. Therefore, I am in discussions with Greifswald stakeholders already engaged in Africa to initiate a partnership with a municipality in Africa by 2024. Themes such as sustainable development, equality, citizen participation, democracy, and environmental protection are heartfelt concerns that guide my actions. FULL ESSAY (English); DER AUFSATZ (Deutsch)

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