The results for World Mayor 2014 were announced on 3 February 2015

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About City Mayors

World Mayor Prize sculpture
shows courage and conviction

When The City Mayors Foundation conceived the World Mayor Project in 2003, it was decided to present a bi-annual prize to mayors who have best shown that they have the vision, passion and skills to make their cities amazing places to live in, to work in and to visit.

City Mayors commissioned French artist Manuel Ferrari to design a sculpture that was as unique as the city of the winning mayor. City Mayors' Senior Fellow, Tann vom Hove, said: “We asked Manuel Ferrari to produce a design that shows what an inspirational mayor can achieve if he builds on strong foundations.”

Before contemplating the design, Manuel Ferrari learnt as much as possible about mayors nominated for the World Mayor Award. “I wanted to know why these mayors aroused such strong feelings,” he said and added that all the mayors he studied had two characteristics in common - courage and conviction.

“I wanted to create a design that also showed courage and conviction,” Manuel Ferrari explained. “I decided on cubes as building blocks which, at first glance, are stacked precariously on top of each other. Closer inspection, however, reveals firm interlocking and construction around an invisible but strong spine.” He said that his design reflected his own experience of living and working in an urban environment. “Many of the world’s most successful cities are prospering because their different communities, often with their own cultures, are united around civic goals,” Manuel Ferrari concluded.

A slim, upward-looking figure stands for all the people who come to cities to realise their ambitions.

The World Mayor trophy has been sculpted by Berlin-based Kaspar Swankey since 2004.

The World Mayor Award, created by Tann vom Hove, designed by Manuel Ferrari and sculptured by Kaspar Swankey

Manuel Ferrari

Manuel Ferrari, born in Nice, studied traditional and 3D computer animation at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Farnham, England and at Supinfocom in Arles, France. His work includes three animated films using computer animation and models. The films have been shown at a number of international animation festivals in Europe. In 2002 he worked in Thailand. Since 2003, he has been working on a number of 3D film projects and documentaries in London and Amsterdam, where he now lives.

In September 2004, Manuel Ferrari was appointed City Mayors' creative director. He designed the critically acclaimed World Mayor Prize.

Kaspar Swankey

Whilst studying architecture at London’s South Bank University, Kaspar
Swankey realised that metalworking was to be his passion, allowing him
to design and make functional items of quality and beauty.

For 20 years he has been creating furniture and architectural metalwork
specialising in one-off commissions and is now based in Berlin. He has
been sculpting the World Mayor trophy since 2004. His work can be viewed
on his website :