Mick Cornett, Mayor of Oklahoma City, was awarded 2nd place in World Mayor 2010

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Comments in support of
Mick Cornett
Mayor of Oklahoma City (USA)

The finalists for the 2010 World Mayor Prize were chosen on the number of nominations received and, more importantly, on the persuasiveness and conviction of supporting statements. Below we publish a representative selection of comments received about Mick Cornett, Mayor of Oklahoma City, USA.

Comment: Mayor Cornett was able to do what most cannot. He sustained the city's momentum at a time the city council was changing and the economy was taking a turn for the worse. That spells disaster for most Mayors. However, Mayor Cornett not only sustained the momentum, he accelerated it by leading the charge to pass an almost $800 million sales tax increase to build a new convention center, a 70 acre downtown park, hiking/biking paths, health and fitness centers, and a new whitewater kayaking and canoeing facility. Job well done Mayor Cornett! (By Mark W)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has been instrumental in the revitalization of Oklahoma City. As the Executive Director of a non-profit, I especially appreciate his dedication to community awareness and to community development. (By KC)

Comment: Mayor Cornett is a giant among American mayors, and has become an admired mentor by many new mayors around the country. As the new mayor of West Valley City, Utah, I especially appreciated Mayor Cornett reaching out to me at several U.S. Conference of Mayors events and taking the time to share advice, thoughts, and experiences. He is both principled and pragmatic, and he is not afraid to practice what he preaches. (By Mayor Mike W)

Comment: An amazing combination of visionary and low-key leadership. Mayor Cornett takes responsibility for making things happen, but always diverts credit to others when good results are achieved. Given all the challenges of the American Midwest, Oklahoma City should have dried up and blown away by now, with the younger generation headed for Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, but that's not what happened. Under Mayor Cornett's leadership, Oklahoma City has grown, prospered, attracted new business, maintained nearly full employment, and delivered a surprisingly diverse cultural experience--everything from a revitalized Cowboy Museum; to a world-class library system, art gallery, and symphony; to an NBA basketball team. Businesses want business here--big business. And the food? don't get me started on the food--Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Heartland American, Tex-Mex, and so much more...everything you could ever want. Mayor Cornett won't claim responsibility for any of it, and, doubtless, he would claim he's not directly responsible, but he definitely creates the environment for success. That's the mark of a true leader. Brilliant! (By Chirs C)

Comment: Mick Cornett has done more for Oklahoma City than ever before in history. There is a reason OKC was voted the #1 Most Recession Proof City in America by Forbes. He is a tremendous leader and well-deserving of this award. (By Andrea H)

Comment: Mayor Cornett is an exceptional leader as proven by his past accomplishments such as MAPS, drawing the Thunder pro basketball team to Oklahoma City, and bringing the city from being a precieved "cow town" to a thriving metropolis. He has also been very influential in attracting some of the worlds greatest researchers to our town and the the Oklahoma research area. Along with this, he is an outstanding person with very high moral values. (By James C)

Comment: Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett is a visionary that is working hard to take Oklahoma City to that next level. He is turning Oklahoma City into a place worth visiting and making it a place where you will want to live. (By Craig W)

Comment: Mayor Mick Cornett is truly dedicated to making Oklahoma City all that it can be -- for Oklahoma, for the United States and for the world! His ability for forward thinking is only rivaled by his talent to engage the people of today to soundly, wisely and effectively plan for the well-being of our great City and our amazing citizens. While other cities are stepping back, during times of economic downturn, our Mayor is marching our City forward with some of the most responsible and innovative planning in this century. Since first taking office in March of 2004, he is only the fourth mayor in Oklahoma City history to have been elected to a third term. Under his leadership, the city's economy has been one of the strongest in the United States, and Mayor Cornett credits Oklahoma City with "working hard and dreaming big". Truer words may never have been spoken. His accomplishments are many, and his work ethic unwavering. Mick Cornett is an example of hard work, dedication and a true pioneer. It has been said that Oklahoma has set the "Oklahoma Standard" -- a standard by which the world views how we handle diversity, crisis, challenges and positive growth. Mayor Mick Cornett sets the "Oklahoma City Standard". (By Kimberly L)

Comment: Mick has been an awesome Mayor in Oklahoma City! He has brought a lot of new business and jobs in our area! We love Mick! (By Diana M)

Comment: Mayor Cornett conveys optimism and a willingness to work with business, community groups, citizens and investors in order to further develop our economy and improve our quality of life. We love Oklahoma City because it is such a wonderful place to raise a family and have a career. Oklahoma City is a happy place and Mayor Cornett has played a big part in that. (By David R)

Comment: Mayor Cornett is an inspirational and visionary leader. He listens to and then motivates the people of Oklahoma City, but he is more than just talk. He actually gets things done and delivers what he promises. He is accessible and available to every citizen. (By Jane J)

Comment: Most inclusive, enlightened, honest mayor we've had. (By Bobby)

Comment: Mick has done so much for Oklahoma City!! He is an awesome mayor and extremely respected by everyone! Getting an NBA team, improving schools, and developing a booming downtown area in Bricktown with a canal, businesses, restaurants, etc. are just a few of his ongoing projects, along with being a leader in the area of fitness with his participation in the pound for pound challenge! (By DW)

Comment: Mr. Cornett has worked so hard to make Oklahoma City one of the most outstanding cities in the world. He has brought a lot of attraction to our city. He is a stand-up guy with excellent morals and values. (By Gake G)

Comment: Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City has done an amazing job of creating and fostering community among the diverse elements of our City. Additionally, he has advanced the growth and livability of our City through great leadership and solid management. (By Mike E O'N)

Comment: Cornett has taken OKC to new hights! (By James G)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has led the way for economic growth when the rest of the country is suffering. Oklahoma City's title as "recession proof" is due in part to Mayor Cornett's tireless efforts to keep our city viable and healthy in the state, national and world marketplaces. Please know that he does this job for a mere $24,000 per year salary. His ethics are sound, he has a productive and informative television show on local cable access, he put our city on a "diet", and he is never caught up in any silly politics. He's an all around good guy and just as a fun note, he brought a kick ass basketball team to Oklahoma City and we couldn't be more proud. Thunder up! (By Aletha A L)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has done an excellent job in Oklahoma City. We are very proud of him. (By Thomas D)

Comment: As a life-long proud citizen of Oklahoma, residing in the OKC metropolitan area, I have witnessed the growth and transition of our city under the guidance of Mr. Cornett. He has also set a fine example for us to improve our health by having better health practices. (By Kathe E)

Comment: I'm a fellow student of Mayor Cornett (he's enrolled in NYU's Stern executive MBA program). Mick is a very bright individual constantly looking to improve (be it him self or any situation). This quality makes him an outstanding choice for this award. (By William B)

Comment: I personally know Mayor Cornett. He is an outstanding mayor. He is the most considerate and well thought of politician I have ever met. He performs his duties with thouroughness, competence, and care. I've never heard a bad thing said about the Mayor and he is everyone's friend. (By Jason M G)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has done an outstanding job as Mayor of Oklahoma City. His caring is for all people of Oklahoma, not just what is best for Oklahoma City. He would carry this love and commitment to the entire world as World Mayor! (By Betsy)

Comment: He is a very forward thinker, always looking to the future and what we can do today to set things in motion for a better tomorrow. He has taken projects to revitalize our downtown area from his predessor and taken them even farther. He has put the City on a diet (himself included), increased interest in health and wellness and physical activities, such as the rowing activities on the Oklahoma River, bringing an NBA team to town, improving walking and biking trails, and proposed fitness/activities centers for seniors. (By Laurie A)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has been a positive force to help Oklahoma City become a great place to live. He has promoted Oklahoma in such a positive fashion. He is a great Mayor. (By Ann M)

Comment: Mayor Mick Cornett has done wonders to the city of Oklahoma City and the people that live in and around it. From MAPS to Weight Loss, Mayor Cornett has been fully devoted to us. Thanks Mayor Mick Cornett. (By Woody)

Comment: Mick Cornett has brought our city so far. He has been instrumental in bringing NBA team to our city as well as many other sports events, he has supported Meps projects and many other projects. His vision for the future of OKC has made our city a fabulous place to work and live. (By M Celeste M)

Comment: I've known Mick over 20 years and have always admired the way he went after his chosen endeavors. He never does a half way job. He puts all he has into everything he does. I watched him graduate college and work at two small TV stations and do lots of traveling doing on the spot reporting at many sports events. He always wanted to make it back to Oklahoma City to do the sports there. Well, he made it back and the rest is history. He didn't stop when he got back doing the sports on TV, but went on to to do other things that led him to where he is today. (By Donnie J R)

Comment: An amazing individual who strives for the best in everything he does. In addition to his responsibilities as Mayor, he is pursuing his MBA degree at Stern Business School, NYU. (By R K)

Comment: Mick has done an amazing job of building OKC into a city where people want to conduct business and a beautiful, highly functional Bricktown area. He has had an influence by developing and improving schools through the MAPS project. Mick recognizes education of children is the key to a better society. He has certainly filled the position well by making positive changes to our city. (By Julie C)

Comment: Under the leadership of Mayor Cornet, our city has blossomed into an exciting place to live.His positive determination to revitalize our city, has encouraged private and public citizens, and businesses alike, to come together for many worthwhile changes to occur. (By Evelyn C)

Comment: We've watched him GROW and IMPROVE Oklahoma City in influence, prosperity, beauty and benefits to its inhabitants and visitors- all the while influencing those inhabitants to improve their health by loosing weight and becoming more active. Under Mayor Cornett, the City has gone from a place most people ignored to a place more and more people want to visit... or join. (By P J L)

Comment: What Mick Cornett has done for the City of Oklahoma City and it's citizens cannot be measured. He has helped put this city among the top in the nation. With his help this city has lost weight and survived the economic downturn. (By Kim K)

Comment: Mick is not only the best mayor Oklahoma City has ever had... but he is also a good friend. He truly deserves this honor! (By Wade C)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has brought his citizens together in many ways. He has a health initiative to reduce obesity in this mid-American city, he has brought openness and honest to his government, and this spring he has managed through an extraordinary number of tornadoes! In addition, he is pursuing advanced education on his own, always seeking to improve the contribution he can make to his city. I ran into one of his constituents in New York city and said that I knew his mayor. "Oh, Mayor Mick!" said he, with enthusiasm. Wonderful, smart, efficient and personable. (By Mary Jane B)

Comment: He has turned OKC around. He loves that city and our state. Makes you proud to be an Okie! (By Joan H)

Comment: Mick has been a motivator for change. He has been successful at promoting the city's MAPS project that has propelled Oklahoma City forward rejuivinating our inner city. Our schools have benefited. Our downtown has been made over with new business and attractions. The positive environment for change has caught on with everyone and Mick has been the impetus behind it. Thanks God for leaders like Mick that have a vision and passion for improving the lives of everyday people. (By Jerry B)

Comment: Mayor Cornett is a good moral man who loves his city and the people who make up the city. You rarely hear a unfavorable word about Mayor Cornett. He has worked very hard to help make Oklahoma City the great city it is today. His love and enthusiasm for Oklahoma City are contagious. We are very proud to call Oklahoma City our home and Mick Cornett our Mayor. (By Marty B)

Comment: He's done amazing things for Oklahoma City and has shown other cities how to be successful when the economy is working against you. He markets our city full-time and we've had many successes under his tenure as mayor. (By Lori)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has brought VISION to the City of Oklahoma City and transformed it into a vibrant community! (By Zach)

Comment: The forward momentum of Mayor Cornett's "This City is Going on a Diet" campaign and all of the developement in the downtown area have brought positive publicity to Oklahoma City like never before. (By Amber G)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has been instrumental in the rebirth and revitalization of our downtown and mid-town areas. He is a tireless chamion of forward thinking and progress with his one goal being what is best for our city. (By Gordon R L)

Comment: He has done so much for our city - it's unbelievable! And has received recognition from Michelle Obama, who invited him to sit in her box during the State of the Union address. We are so proud to have someone like Mayor Cornett representing Oklahoma City. (By Lisa)

Comment: Mick Cornett is a superstar in OKC! He has ushered in a new era of class and entertainment to the city. We want to keep him forever! (By Jane Ann)

Comment: Mick Cornett has done so much for our city, and we have come so far in the last few decades, and Cornett, along with our past mayors, have taken us so far toward becoming a true World-Class City. We have a NBA team, great redevelopment, and most importantly, pride in ourselves. (By Andrew N)

Comment: Mayor Cornett brought a NBA team to a small Market city and with Maps projects our city has exploded with a new vigor and is such a great City!! Thanks to Mayor Mick I love my OKC!! (By Brett R)

Comment: Mayor Cornett has accomplished a great many things since becoming mayor. From overseeing the city's revitalization to implementing initiatives that will help OKC for many years to come, he has definitely taken the job to a new level. (By Jennifer D S)

Comment: Mayor Mick has lead us through becoming a "big league city" and into the future. Building an Olympic Quality rowing facility, a skyscraper, a central park and a new convention center WHILST putting his city on a diet? WOW (By JDL)

Comment: Provides great vison & leadership for our city. I work in the city of my chosen mayor, Mick Cornett and see first-hand tremendous improvements with Oklahoma City schools as member of the MAPS for Kids program. (By Nita J)

Comment: Mayor Mick Cornett is a real person. As a man that has had weight problems and a balding head, he can relate to people. He effectively communicates to Oklahoma City residents his goals for our city. Mayor Cornett used to be a sportscaster in the local TV market and through that everyone knows him. He has helped improve Oklahoma City by putting the city on a diet. The mayor was on several national TV shows publicizing the goal of residents losing one million pounds of weight. Mayor Cornett has been a great mayor and the best is yet to come!! (By Shelli W)

World Mayor

The City Mayors Foundation, the international think tank on urban affairs, organises the World Mayor Project and awards the World Mayor Prize. The Prize, which has been given since 2004, honours mayors with the vision, passion and skills to make their cities incredible places to live in, work in and visit. The World Mayor Project aims to show what outstanding mayors can achieve and raise their profiles nationally and internationally. Mayors wishing to be considered for the Prize are asked to sign up to the City Mayors Code of Ethics.

The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for city leaders who excel in qualities like: leadership and vision, management abilities and integrity, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds. Winners receive the World Mayor Prize, while the first and second runners-up receive the World Mayor Commendation.

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In 2004: Winner: Edi Rama (Tirana); Runner-up: Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico City}; In third place - Walter Veltroni (Rome)
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In 2006: Winner – John So (Melbourne); Runner up – Job Cohen (Amsterdam); In third place - Stephen Reed (Harrisburg)
In 2008: Winner – Helen Zille (Cape Town); Runner up - Elmar Ledergerber (Zurich); In third place - Leopoldo López (Chacao)
In 2010: Winner - Marcelo Ebrard (Mexico City); First runner-up - Mick Cornett (Oklahoma City); Second runner-up - Domenico Lucano (Riace)