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World Mayor 2020
Mayors fighting Poverty
Hundreds of millions of people in the world live in poverty and struggle with the distress caused by material and social hardship. But poverty is neither inevitable nor is it acceptable. In the fight against poverty, local government is on the front line. Mayors, councillors, social workers deal on a daily basis with vulnerable adults and children who go hungry, face neglect, suffer from loneliness or live a life without apparent hope.

The 2020 World Mayor Project pays tribute to those in local government whose compassion, courage and sacrifice improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged. It features mayors from all parts of the world who have made the fight against poverty a top priority and honours the best of them.

Mayors to be considered for the World Mayor Honours will also have shown that they regard all local residents, including the poor and the vulnerable, as valuable members of their communities. Mayors will not tolerate any form of discrimination against people who have little. Mayors will ensure their rights in society and protect their dignity.

World Mayor is looking for mayors from large and small communities who work tirelessly to relieve the hardship of the poor on a daily basis and have developed concepts to reduce poverty long-term.

There is no universal solution to dealing with poverty. Deprivation, neglect and inequality take many forms. They affect communities and individuals in hundreds of different ways. Fighting poverty, like all the big issues that concern society, requires global actions. However, it has long been acknowledged that national governments alone cannot bring about the necessary changes and conditions under which this can be achieved and therefore city leadership has a crucial role to play in setting ambitious goals and policies to combat poverty, especially in communities.

Please nominate mayors who are fighting poverty

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Nominations for the 2020 World Mayor Prize should be accompanied by persuasive statements, outlining the mayors’ actions, goals and policies as well as describing their successes in dealing with poverty. We invite nominations of mayors from towns and cities of all sizes and all parts of the world. Nominations for 2020 World Mayor Prize can be submitted until the publication of the Shortlist this summer.

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